The importance of reading
Reading itself is a process and expansion of the intellectual nature, in which sensory, psychic, imaginative and cerebral situations intervene. “It is one of the most important informational,
Detailed Analysis of MBA studies Overseas
The postgraduate programs are the doctoral studies, masters (MBA) or specializations are offered to the students after they get the college title as a professional. This is the eductional
How can Colombia transform itself with Bilingualism?
In a country which is full of human talent, natural resources and with every type of diversity, the intensification of the English education is crucial which will in essence transform the horizon of
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The most amazing theaters of the world in Colombia
The Colombian architecture from its very beginning has represented historical processes of the country, example of it, it is the theater colon of Bogota, where its appearence neoclassic style
Intelligent Fabrics
The fabric imposes a challenge, setting a surprising movement, they are drawn on smart canvases, giving us the opportunity to creation a new design. The use of new technologies in textile
Heaven on earth
The National Parks of North Amercia with their majestic scenery, shows us a world full of wonders Mother Earth has surprised us for thousands of years with each of its creations, providing every
Customer Service
“Whatever you do, do it so well that they come back and bring their friends with them”  Walt Disney. The customer service is addressed directly from a company or an organization
Tax Reform
The tax reform is a tool for the creation of small to medium size companies in Colombia. It provides the DIAN authorities with new methods to have better controls against tax evasion. In every part
  • The man who wishes to transform the world

    The man who wishes to transform the world

    Elon Musk, also known as the real “Iron Man” is the innovator who has been very popular in recent years specially the way he wants to save humanity with the examples of risk he takes in the companies he owns.

    This South African who is making real his childhood dreams come true, has been a pioneer in the creation of technological services and today he is in the forefront of the innovation with "Tesla Motors", which makes electrical cars, and "Space X", which plans to take us to Mars in  the distant future.

    As a child he was afraid of the dark and in a science book he found that the darkness is just a phenomenon, of the absence of visible light. Today Elon Musk provides solar power systems to many homes and businesses, manufactures electric cars and sends rocket via satellites into space; we could say that thanks to his scientific understanding and entrepreneurial courage, he is a source of inspiration to the humanity in many ways and helps us to lose fears with which we have grown, like freedom and creative risk.

    Musk was the typical nerd a loner in school, immersed into books and comics, reading about science and great innovators but also philosophers like Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. So perhaps this South African is an unusual combination of super engineer, entrepreneur and social revolutionary, his goal is not simply to get rich but to make a world a better place to live and future multi-planet for humans. He joined the computer classes in his own country, but soon realized that he knew more than his teacher. Throughout his life he has been one of those self-taught guys who goes beyond theory. A rebel who never allow himself to be confined to old rules, it was very clear to him that he was going to do something different, implementing ideas that contribute to human welfare and sustainable energy.

    He learned programming on his own and made a game called “Blastar”, which he sold for a few thousand dollars, his business life began without the permission of his parents. He always knew that America was the country where his dream would come true, “The land of opportunities” but with the support of his family he traveled to Canada where he worked to pay for his studies. He gained admission to study physics and business administration at the University of Pennsylvania and began a PhD at Stanford which he abandoned two days later to form his first company: “Zip 2”, an internet database company, yellow pages to which newspapers and media companies registered. 

    Compaq bought his company for 307 million dollars. He was also the creator of “”, what would later be known as Pay Pal, a pioneer in online payments that won the race from the famous Ebay and were forced to buy Musk’s company in 2002 for more than a billion dollars. Elon says that he could have retired at the age of 30 and buy several islands with that money, but that was never his goal, he had plans to create technological companies inspired by the legendary spirit of the territory “Silicon Valley”, where he had moved.

    In 2002 he formed “Space X”, investing out of pocket 100 million dollars, the first private company to challenge space travel and plan to go to Mars in the near future. This South African realized that NASA’s rockets had not changed much since the 90s and it was time to add private efforts to this space adventure. His rockets had 3 failed attempts at launch where they lost a great sum of money. Learning from his mistakes Musk made a successful launch in 2015, and NASA signed a contract with “SpaceX” for US $ 1,600,000, to resupply the international space station. The focus of the company is to reduce the costs to go into space, the rockets could be reusable.

    Tesla Motors was founded in 2004 with the goal of making electric cars that surpass traditional fossil fuels and thus contribute to the mitigation of damage to the environment. Musk made a master plan to make 3 cars, the “Tesla Roadster” a luxury sports car that helped finance “Model S”, a family sedan which helped “Model 3”, a cheaper version for the general public. These cars have the engine and the battery in the trunk allowing more space for passengers and luggage on top. There are currently free recharging stations at various points in the United States. Anyway electric cars are a technology in development and testing, Tesla has had problems in the distribution and generated losses, but what’s important is his  commitment to sustainable energy to which Musk will make every effort; where other big companies like General Motors and Nissan also joined.

    His other company, that was acquired by Tesla, is “Solar City”, which seeks to create sustainable energy. They design and install solar panels and rent them via leasing, currently he provides service to many homes, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the United States. Musk has also planned other ideas which are already being carried out, an ultrafast train called “Hyperloop” which runs through an air tube and will travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour.

  • Is there life after death?

    Is there life after death?

    Today with innovative scientific discoveries we can find new ways of reanimating the people after the death.

    Death is an issue that today affects us all and scares us of the reality that it presents, it often distances patients from their calmness and makes them wake up in a world full of anguish and tragedy that not even our own brain can really understand. When this issue comes to our families, what we should do, is to let the person go on and let his soul rest to the point that he can find the peace he needs. In the past, the criteria for declaring a person clinically dead was lack of breathing and heartbeat.

    With the evolution of the technology, a method was used that allowed the artificial conservation of cardiac and respiratory responses in patients to revive them; over time scientific advances are surprising us more and more by all the discoveries that have made based on the death of the patient. We can describe death, as a condition when the body and the soul of the organism is separated, it is a mirror in which we contemplate the course of our life, the personal history, the ongoing dialogue of the spirit with the heart offers energy for action, offering a journey towards growth. Understanding this means that life itself is only a small period of our existence.

    Scientific studies have shown that after death there are possibilities of revival, cardiovascular surgeons are using an extreme freezing technique that allows them to stop the patient’s heart to undergo surgery, which will later give them a new life. This new technique is being utilized by specialists at the New Haven Hospital of Yale University in the United States, where they subject the patient to induced hypothermia to cool down their body from its normal temperature of 37 ° C to just 18 ° C. Dr. John Elefteriades, has performed several experiments with this new tool making all his operations a total success. This surgeon overcomes the difficulties of operating a heart which has been almost without vital signs, this operation lasts 45 minutes, it is a procedure which passes through the patient’s arteries and veins, filling it with blood while the freezing tempreture decreases the body processes of the person, John has sufficient time to perform the surgery without causing damage to the brain. Once they finish the operation they put the person in warm environment to restart their cardiac function with a defibrillator.

    “It is the most fascinating technique I’ve ever been exposed to in medicine, and it always seems like a miracle that it works.” For this surgeon to operate on a beating heart presents great challenges, some cardiovascular operations are not only difficult but impossible, if not achieved the heart stops, but they have managed to save many lives and revive others. The extreme freezing of the body puts the patient at both the risk of dying and recovery, so deep hypothermia had not been a very popular technique, but now it is a very powerful and enigmatic, that it has the potential to maintain hope, offering the surgeons a change to carry out the operations which would have been impossible without it.

    Lance Becker, founder and director of the center for Resuscitation Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of reanimation, cardiac arrest and intensive care; he focuses on studying acute reanimation of terminally ill, agonizing or critically ill patients. The laboratory of the Feinstein Institute where he works, he has the experience in the measurement of mitochondrial dysfunction, oxygen and nitrogen reactions. His goal is to develop an emergency cardiopulmonary bypass system with advanced life saving drugs for patients who fail the traditional advanced cardiovascular life management system to revive and bring them to life.

    With the procedures that Lance has had to perform, the mitochondrial research has been his greatest help for many experiments, since it provides cellular respiration and supplies energy to the cell, and takes all the food that the body ingests and the oxygen that it breathes, to convert it into a chemical energy that gives life and stability to the patient. All in order to demonstrate that there is subsistence after death using resources to help people and give them a better quality of life. On the other hand, it is stipulated that the human cloning process could solve a great number of medical problems bringing them back to life, but no scientific research has endowed it, as it takes years of studies and tests to develop them.

    Cloning has helped to gain identical laboratory animals, more resistant plants, or even prevent the extinction of some species through the reproductive system, which allows the creation of a new human being, containing the same genome as the one of the cell donor. When you clone, you need to have a living cell, but the result will never be as expected, it tries to keep its same traits and physically looks the same but it will never become an exact clone to the donor. With the realization of these investigations, it has become evident that there is life after death, that with the passing of time the studies are yielding unexpected results that create significant changes in the human beings or even give them another opportunity in life. Is it possible that this experiment can be done on any human being alive or dead and that it will yield success with it for the future?

  • Why is the fire so important to us in our daily lives?

    Why is the fire so important to us in our daily lives?

    Fire is a fundamental tool in our daily lifes, it gives us warmth, provides us with food and makes us have life in a certain way. Its importance accentuates our ancestors when they used it to cook food by rubbing wooden sticks to produce the fire that was needed to warm and eat the food. Human beings from the past, have been discovering amazing transformations that have helped our species to survive. We give you an idea of how the fire came about being and why it is so important to us in our daily activities as in nature itself.

    Have you ever wondered how the fire was created? To get to know its origin, it is important to go back to the time when the land was inhabited by Homo erectus, which, according to research lived in Asia and Africa. The homo erectus was the creator of the fire was created, one of the most important elements in its daily life. However, at first it was difficult to control the flames, because managing them was complicated, but after getting to understand their logic, they could enjoy the benefits in the middle of winter seasons.

    One of the first methods of creating the fire one was to rub together two dry woods, once the flame was lit they had to keep it burning, because it was not very easy to get the fire and it didn’t last too long. Our ancestors used the fire to search for food, to increase the hunting and at the same time to protect themselves from the wild animals that surrounded them. The cultural evolution that occurred at the time in reference, marked positively the social context in which the fire was developed, and with it the power to cook their food in pots that were made of clay, which had to be heated red hot to harden and take its shape.

    With this important tool different utensils were created essential to work in construction, it was used to sharpen the ends of the spears, to give a curved shape to the wood with which vessels, bows and canoes were made later. The fire became a transcendental instrument for the development of the human brain. An example of this is that when you cook a certain food, you allow a lot of calories to be absorbed by the body, providing the impetus to feed ourselves properly. This gave benefits to the brain, since this organ consumes about 20% of all the energy that comes to us from the nutrients that are eaten by human beings. With the discovery of fire came several factors that helped our health, amongst the ones that stand out: increased capacities such as long-term memory, elimination of bacteria and better quality of life.

    Everything resulted from the cooking of the food, since they were prepared in a different way, which made digestion faster. Proteins and nutrients influenced the nervous system giving it an extra energy in terms of health and life. According to the above, you can already see that one of the daily activities was cooking the foods that required this condition. In the mythology of many cultures, it is denoted to the sun as a God, thanks to which this star illuminates the whole world with its light. In the Aztec, for example, it was considered to be the leader of the sky, they did cults, rituals and offerings, since he was the dominant one over the other Aztec gods, they considered themselves as the chosen people by the sun, which was watched over by their actions.

    According to this, the Quetzalcoatl Cultural Institute points out that: “The Sun has been, is and will be the means to make the world understand what in reality is the Spirit or being within each one of us, just as the physical Sun gives us life, light and heat; The being gives us spiritual life, wisdom and mystical longings.”  The fire, by its purity and activity, was considered as the noblest of the four elements, the one closest to the divinity, showing itself as a living image of the sun where the happiness was reflected.

    The elements of cosmolgy are represented with air, water, fire and earth. The fire element is characterized by being extremely active, representing the entrepreneurial force in actions and thoughts. This element is responsible for purifying, burning the negative, so it is related to the search for the spiritual, with freedom, travel, transformation and eternity. On a symbolic level, fire represents change, purification and sacrifice, it is also a magical element of great power.

    Both in the spiritual and the everyday life, fire has been that useful tool, transforming many lives in a positive manner. As it was pointed out from the beginning of the text, man discovered how with fire could overcome darkness and cold, humans have enjoyed their strength and great power to the present. The attribution given by the ancestors of divinity, is so certain that even the man of today does the same designate it so unconsciously. In addition to providing us with light and illuminating our nights, there is also heat.

    In regions or countries where the cold and winter are very harsh, the heat produced by chimneys protects people from illness and death that could be caused by the effects of low freezing temperatures. This element in addition to providing us with heat is symbolic in certain events of festivity, for example of during New Year celebrations where artificial fireworks are burned or when the Olympic Games are inaugurated, as it is symbolic and gives it importance and welcome all the categories of sports that will be competing. Nevertheless the use of fire has meant a great advance in civilization, but sometimes it contaminates and destroys the environment, because it is intentionally used as a destructive tool, as in wars. The Fire, is the creation that has changed positively the destiny of man, with his notion of joy, gives warmth in times of cold, giving him light and hope.


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